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Careo and Reno de Medici Arnsberg are proud to receive PROCARTON & ECMA Carton Award 2014 in the category „Volume Markets“. ECMA stands for European Carton Makers Association. 

The innovative and sustainable eggs packaging used RdM Arnsberg double coated SERVILINER 180 gsm to offer a high quality printed outer surface.

Our partner Cartonic Packaging has developed, designed and produced this packaging.

This was a totally new construction of a carton egg in the judge’s opinion and they were confident that it offered better protection than many alternatives to a fragile product. The carton had a simple opening system and was also easy to close after some of the eggs had been removed. This type of carton can be made in several different configurations including packs for 12 eggs in which the carton is perforated in the middle so that it can easily be split into two packs of 6. The cartons can be easily nested for transport and are filled on automatic machines. The carton creates awareness on the shelf and offers extremely high brand recognition. The box is manufactured entirely from FSC certified recycled materials.

Such success proves that the mill of Arnsberg belongs to the best coated liner manufacturers in Europe and can support packaging innovations of its customers well.  

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